Friday, October 18, 2013

Week 16

Tuesday October 15, 2013

Another baptism this week! Yet another case of reactivating a family and baptizing their non-member son, in this case a 9 year old boy named Diego. It was great seeing the family come back to church, especially when Diego's grandma bore her testimony and said how her Patriarchal Blessing says that she will see her family strong in the gospel, and now it's finally coming true.

In all, I am loving my mission more and more each day. yes, it's hard, but I've received so many blessings and have grown so much.

Ok, now I'd like to define a bit of Guatemalan and missionary specific vocabulary. It'd be much easier for me if I was able to use it in my emails, since many of the words don't have a translation that fits quite as well in English.

Saber- unconjugated it means "who knows?"
          Ex. "saber que voy a hacer?" -Who knows what I'm going to do?

Pilas- smart, prepared, good, etc. (it doesn't really translate into English)
          Ex. He is a pilas missionary and taught 18 lessons today.

Snakes- girls who try to flirt with missionaries.
          Ex. A couple of snakes asked where we lived yesterday.

De repente- When Guatemalans say this it means they are saying yes but have no intention of ever doing what they just promised.
          Ex. "Si, de repente voy a asistir a la iglesia." -Yes, de repente I will attend                      church.
Canche- a white person
          Ex. "Canche, what are you doing here in Guatemala?"

Ok, that will have to do for now. My mini spiritual thought of the week: "Put aside the natural man. Become who you were born to be."-Elrond

This is a picture of us making weights out of concrete.

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