Saturday, February 15, 2014

Week 33

February 11, 2014

Well, not a whole lot happened this week. We've had some setbacks with our investigators. Three of them moved this week (not too uncommon here in Guatemala, and much easier when you don't have many possessions).

Yesterday for our district P day we watched "The Other Side of Heaven." I'm not sure how we were allowed to watch that movie. It's a little different than, for example, Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration" or Mountain of the Lord's House. Anyway, that movie is far more enjoyable when you're a missionary, although it is rather interesting how he breaks every single rule in the missionary manual that we have now. In all, it made me think about how important it is to love the people.

My mission experience is completely different than his. Often I think that it would be easier to just try to do as much good as possible, rather than worrying about number of contacts, how many lessons in the house of a member we had, etc. Still, if I truly love the people here in Guatemala, all of that will flow naturally out of my efforts to serve them. The numbers will be the result; they should never become the reason. My mission is teaching my many things, and how to love would probably be the most important. I can't be a representative of Christ if I don't love as He loved. Luckily, that love is promised to missionaries and so I can have hope. 


Time's up.


Love, Elder Cannon

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Week 32

February 4, 2014
Antigua! We finally got to go there last P-day. We hardly had anytime at all there since we had to travel and get back in time to do all the things we needed to (like buying groceries), but I loved getting to go. It's a super beautiful city. I'll admit that I felt a little bit strange because there were a bunch of gringos walking around, speaking in English. It made me feel like a tourist too. Anyway, we had about 45 minutes to walk around and check out the market. Then we had a scavenger hunt designed by the zone leaders (admittedly, it might not have been the best idea since we can do a scavenger hunt any P day but were only in Antigua once, however, it was fun). After that we had a half hour more and then had to go back. I'm definitely planning on coming back after my mission and spending a few days there, but that's a ways away.

Anyway, Antigua's so cool because it was the old, colonial capital of Central America. It has cobblestone streets and a bunch of really old, really beautiful Catholic churches. The market is neat because of all the hand made, native clothing and souvenirs. Having to haggle also adds to the excitement.

As far as actual missionary work goes, we've got a goal as a mission to baptize 400 in March. As I have already said, this is a super high goal and so we are all working really hard. This week was special in that we've had a massive increase in the number of our progressing investigators. I've never had so many baptismal possibilities at one time in my entire mission. It's pretty cool how clearly the Lord is preparing the way so that we can meet the goal set by our mission president. The sad thing is that these people will all be baptized in March and there's a pretty high chance that I'll be transferred next change meeting (which is the first Wednesday in March) and not get to see those baptisms. Still, the fact that they're learning about and accepting the gospel is what's most important.

Thanks for all you support! I hope you're all doing well.

Love, Elder Cannon

Some homes and a park in Antigua

A picture in the market and a church

As part of the scavenger hunt we had to get (discretely) pictures of us contacting a Chapin (Guatemalan), a gringo, and a woman in Corte (the traditional dress that indigenous women wear).