Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Week 37

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Well. It’s been a big week. We had changes on Wednesday and Elder Carcamo left our little area of Jacandas 2 to become a Zone Leader in Amatitlán. Now for a little background. The changes are always read by one of the assistants to President Brough. This time they were read by Elder Huish, a legend in our mission who has been an assistant for 6 months. He is renowned as probably the best missionary in the mission and is known for his ability to ''kill'' on divisions, i.e. walk so rapidly that the other missionary feels like he's going to die.

Anyway, I've often been impressed by how well he teaches and how hard he works as I’ve seen him in zone conferences. Anyway, as I'm sure you can guess when he got to Jacarandas 2 he said, ''Elder Cannon recibe a... this guy.''  Yep, so here I am, working with a missionary who just went from being an assistant to being my companion.  At first I was understandably pretty nervous to have Elder Huish as a companion, but I quickly realized how great of a blessing that is. I'm so excited to learn and improve so much during this change. It's nice to have a companion who's exactly obedient and really works hard in every aspect of the Work.

Immediately we began to see miracles in our area. We've had members give us incredible references, inactive members bringing their unbaptized children to church, and non-members we had never talked to showing up on Sunday. In all, we had 14 investigators attending church this Sunday (although 4 of them showed up after the sacrament, so their attendance didn't count). It really is amazing how much the Lord is helping us to do our part to meet the goal of 400 baptisms. I'm convinced this will be a very successful change. Honestly, I've never loved being a missionary so much. It’s like what I've always imagined my mission would be like.

In all, I'm doing very well and having a lot of success. I feel like the Nephites when Nephi said, (in Helaman I think) ''and nothing, save it were iniquity, could keep them from prospering'' and I'm not going to become an iniquo (wicked person) anytime soon, so I think we're good!

Love, Elder Cannon

My completed abacus. It took a few weeks because I had to modify it to be able to work. It’s pretty cool, although I was slightly disappointed to learn that the magic of an abacus is just doing basic operations one place value at a time. I guess there's probably more complicated stuff you can do that I don't know. 

Hermano Giovanni Flores

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