Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Week 46

Well, hardly any time today, but I'd say that getting to talk to you guys on Sunday more than makes up for that. I can't believe how much Elissa has grown. I hate to think about how much more she'll have changed by the time I get back. Adam and Jonathan also seem much older, but other than that, it was cool to see how much things are the same.

Big happening this week was that I had emergency changes for the first time. I'm still here, but my companion Elder Lopez, got taken by the assistants to his new area in the coast early Friday morning and Elder Mariscal got taken by the secretaries from that area to here. It was pretty crazy to have changes mid transfer like that, with less than 24 hours’ notice. One interesting thing is that actually just a few days before I had commented to Elder Martinez, one of my zone leaders, that I had been able to learn the area (know my way around, who the members are, etc.) much faster than I expected, faster than I had been able to learn any of my previous areas. I'm sure the Lord knew that my companion would be leaving just 3 weeks after I arrived here so He gave me increased capacity so I would be prepared to teach the area t my new companion.

Yesterday we went to Panajachel, which was super cool. It's a city right on the lake Atitlan. So incredibly beautiful. The lake is amazing and it was cool, foggy, and drizzly. We went for a hike in the jungle and I wouldn't have been surprised to see a dinosaur or two.

Well, time to go. I'm loving my mission more and more every day and growing so much (spiritually, socially, physically (I've definitely gained a little weight).

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