Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Week 55

July 28, 2014
Ishka igh. That's the closest I can get to ¨good afternoon¨ in Kaqchikel. Hmmm, let's see, what do we have this week...

We struggled yet again with attendance this Sunday. I was pretty discouraging but the Lord blessed us and a couple less active members we had been working with came to church. One is a returned sister missionary and owns a bar. Yeah that's kind of awkward...

So, I really love corte. Have I mentioned that yet? I'm starting to get pretty good at distinguishing how expensive cortes are and where they're from. It's really quite interesting. We're here in Sololá again and man, I really need to get a picture of the corte here. It might just be my favorite.

Last night I came pretty close to shaking off the dust of my feet as we taught the first lesson to a woman as we were knocking on doors. For me it's one thing when people just flat out reject us. That’s fine, they're just not prepared. Hopefully in the future. However, what really tries my patience and charity is when someone just doesn't want to understand. This lady just kept saying that we ¨trust in a man¨ aka Joseph Smith. No matter how long we spent explaining how there's no difference between him and other prophets like Moses, she just would listen. It's kind of frustrating because I really feel like I'm not improving in the charity department despite the fact that that's something that's rather crucial really. I do feel like I've developed a lot of love for many of the people we teach. It will be sad to leave this area as there are a lot of people like that here. One of those people, a grandpa named Antonio, might have just fallen back into his old addiction of drinking. Pretty disappointing. Really, alcohol is so terrible. It makes me grateful that we have modern day prophets to warn us about that stuff.

Last Wednesday we had organized an activity to have in the church with all the members and investigators. It was going to be pretty cool. We had a bunch of prophet related games to play. My favorite was a brain bowl like game where we would read progressively easier clues about a prophet and the teams would have to answer who the prophet was before the other team. I had done several similar activities in Escuintla with great success but no one really showed up to this one, just a couple of members from the most pilas families in the ward. Kind of disappointing but the good thing is that we god to take a bunch of tostadas and horchata home. I'm not sure why tostadas are so much better here than in the US. They're thicker and go quite well with black beans and cheese.

Ok, not sure why, but I ended up with a lot of extra time today and I can't really think of anything else to say, so I'll include a picture of me modeling some corte, just so that you guys can get the idea. 

Ok, well, love you all. Keep up that good missionary work. 

Elder Cannon

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