Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Week 59


In all, I'm doing quite well. Ok, would you like to know something rather frightening? Yesterday I turned 14th months old as a missionary. That means that I know have very definitively passed my one year mark. Not sure how that happened...

Anyway, not a whole lot to report this week. The miracles have continued. This Sunday we had 10 investigators attending. A major miracle which hasn't happened here in Patzicia for... well, as long as I know. It's like I'm in Escuintla again, but it's a lot cooler, more beautiful, there's corte, etc.

As great as it is to be having success, I've been getting frustrated with myself for not progressing personally as much as I would like. When I was in the CCM and for the first part of my time in the field I progressed an incredible amount spiritually, mentally, emotionally, etc. It feels like lately that progress has slowed quite a bit or perhaps I'm even losing ground in some areas. As I could feel myself progressing at the beginning of my mission I'd imagine how much I would improve by the end of my mission. Now that I'm over halfway done, it seems like I haven't come nearly as far as I expected or would have liked. Yes, I know I should have patience, but man, that's one attribute I've never really had. Today the focus of our district meeting was on patience and it was rather laughable. It seems like that's a rather universal weak point of gringos, or at least in my district. Most of the time was spent by us all ranting about how much we lack patience and how we want to develop it, right now. Patzicia will give your patience a good trial. Maybe I had prayed for patience earlier in my mission and the Lord sent me here so I could develop it.

Also, I tried Oreos for the first time in over a year when I bought some at a tienda the other day (they were somewhat expensive and rather unhealthy, but it came with a sticker for Transformers 4. I'm definitely a sucker for promotional advertising like that.)  Man, I had no idea how much I could miss Oreos. I'm sure there's a bunch of stuff that I've been missing that I've just forgotten about. Swimming, driving, fruit smoothies... The sacrifices we make for the Lord...

Anyway, in all I'm doing quite well. It's been a good week.

Love, Elder Cannon

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