Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Week 61

September 9, 2014
This week was another great one. I rededicated myself to being as obedient and diligent as possible. As I have done so the Lord has blessed me with what I so desperately long for: the security that I've done all that I can even in the face of delays, disappointments, or setbacks. This week I was also able to see some indications that yes, I am slowly but surely developing more patience and charity. I've still got a long way to go, but at least I'm moving. (I realize that these emails must sound pretty bipolar at times, but remember that a lot can happen in one week in the mission field).

 The disappointment of the week was that this Sunday morning it was raining really hard and we only had 4 investigators attending. The rain really can be a killer here sometimes. However, I've been trying to apply what President Uchtdorf taught last General Conference to not just be grateful for the number of blessings we've received, rather, cultivate and attitude of gratitude that we'll have regardless of the circumstances. This Sunday when we only had 4 investigators attending I really tried to be just as grateful as the last two Sundays when we had 10 and 12. It paid off and I was happy and excited to be a missionary. In all, things continue to go well. I'm happier than I've been at any other point in my mission and so grateful for this chance to serve and improve myself.

Also, I had the rather disturbing and rather late realization the other day that I'm not longer a teenager. Not sure how that happened, but it makes me feel old. Hmmm, I guess like that means I have to be responsible now. It's kind of sad.


Elder Cannon

P.S. This really must be the Promised Land. The vegetables here are way bigger than any I've seen in the U.S. The broccoli and carrot that I took pictures of are normal sized here. The really big ones get shipped off. . Every day here in Patzicia trucks and trucks get stuffed full of amazing vegetables (once again, so little of the good stuff stays here in Guatemala, and even less in Patzy). The corn stalks here must get up to 15 feet or more. 

P.P.S. I took this picture on the way to zone training today. That bus would be considered "fairly full." You know that they're really stuffed when there are a half dozen people hanging on the outside of the bus and the ayudante (the guy who works on the bus but isn’t the driver) is collecting bus fares through the windows while climbing around outside of the bus. That's what I need to get a picture of.

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