Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Week 68


Well, this will be a short email this week. We've got changes tomorrow. Yes, it's only been four weeks, but if we did the full 6 weeks the missionaries would be flying home on Christmas so we'll make up by having a cambio [change] of 8 weeks in two changes. Elder Fulmer is going and I’ll be receiving a new missionary straight from the CCM. That should be fun. It’s been great to see Elder Fulmer grow and improve as a missionary. It's helped me grow a lot too. The tough part is that we've really been struggling to find progressing investigators. I'm pretty sure that they're going to close this area next change (speaking of which, it turns out that my last companion, Elder Gonzales, is going to open Zaragoza again this change. I'm really happy for him).

One success that we have had here though is that we've really been working with one recent convert who was pretty distanced from the Church when I got here. We've shown her a lot of sincere love and have really won her confidence. I can imagine how successful we would be if we could develop and show that love for all the people in our area.

Yesterday we went to Antigua for P day. It was pretty incredible, as always. For lunch we went to El Mono Loco [The Crazy Monkey]. They're famous for their nachos. I've never seen so much food on one plate.  Despite the fact that I shared it, I was still stuffed. They deserve the fame. 

Also, a picture of my district. It's a lot smaller here in Compalapa than it was in Patzicia. Inexplicably though, despite the fact that I have more free time each night, I remain just as far behind in my journal as I used to be...

Anyway, I love you all, as always. I am more and more grateful and glad to be a missionary every day. This work is great and I know it's true.

Elder Cannon

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