Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Week 70

November 11, 2014
Well, not too much to report today. We worked really hard this week and had 20 more lessons this week than we did last week. However, despite all our hard work, we're still really struggling to find progressing investigators. We had some real miracles with some less active members and the attendance in our branch here was almost double what it was a week ago.

Despite how hard it is at times, it is a blessing and a joy to serve the Lord as a full time missionary. I love this calling and it's so true that serving a mission is an offering, not a sacrifice.


Elder Cannon

My purchases from the market. Those four heads of broccoli cost a total of 10 quets, $1.25. Best buy ever (I bought two more that day just to make sure I'd have enough).

Some of the Guatemalan treats they sell in fairs. We normally can't eat them since they're street food, but we were knocking on doors a few nights ago and taught a family that had a made them there in their house. They didn't really want anything to do with our message, but were some of the nicest people I've ever met. They gave us a ton of this candy which is super expensive. The white candy is basically just mashed up coconut with sugar and the pink treat is basically fudge made out of rice. 

My dinner last night, a very roughly cut up but incredibly delicious fruit salad of bananas, pineapple, and papaya. Gmala.

As long as I’m sending pictures of food: my lunch yesterday.

And the view from the restaurante (not sure how it's spelled in English) that we ate at.

Also, my trainer, Elder Lopez, finished his mission last week, here's a picture of the family.

My son Elder Mendieta, me, my dad, my step son Elder Fulmer, and my two younger brothers (according to missionary lingo).

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