Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Week 10

Buenas tardes everyone! I've had a good week. Not a lot to report though. The time really flies when you're working hard. Anyway, today I'll write a little about the weather here because it really is incredible.

 It's generally about 70 degrees or so. I always wear my short sleeve dress shirts and am almost never too hot or too cold. I love the rain and we get a ton here.  Nothing is better that hearing the rain pound on a steel roof and feeling the fresh air.

Because it's always such a comfortable temperature, I don't have to worry about the rain making me feel cold, although I do have to worry about ensuring that my scriptures, the most valuable possession I have now, stay dry. It really is perfect down here.

Everything is so incredibly lush and green. Already I'm dreading returning to the U.S. in two years where the climate isn't nearly as favorable. I guess this is one of the many blessings I've received because of my choice to serve a mission. Two years in paradise.


Elder Cannon

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