Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Week 12

[There is no official blog update this week from Josh but here is an excerpt from a letter he sent to his parents.]

I'm finding ways to eat more healthy and perhaps even stay within my budget.  As far as spiritual experiences go, the main thing has just been the mantle of a missionary. It's incredible how much I have been blessed to be able to do what I am doing. To do things like shout in buses, live in such unsanitary conditions, and have absolutely no personal time. Often 15 minutes to get ready for bed, write in my journal, and eat and prepare dinner.

Also, it's incredible how often I feel the spirit, especially during personal study. I have never been so hungry to read the scriptures. I absolutely devour them.  And Jesus the Christ is incredible. I've never loved the video Finding Faith in Christ as much as I do now. Incredible.

The joy I have here in the mission is also directly related to how hard I work. On days when I'm working and teaching all day, I'm incredibly happy.  When I'm not, I miss home, feel tired, etc. The Lord blesses those who serve him. I want others to be able to enjoy the same blessing of growing up in the gospel that I have had.

The hard thing about my ward is that the lack of deep roots in the gospel is readily apparent to someone from the US.  Sacrament meeting always starts 15-20 minutes late and once we had 4 cell phones go off during the sacrament alone. One day we had so many confirmations and the meeting started so late that there was only 7 minutes left for the speakers. Our ward really is incredibly strong.

Love Elder Josh Cannon

Our appartment

Hiking "El Cerro"

To the right of my ear is the chapel.  Above my head is where we live.  Our area is from
my companions rightear all the way to the right and past the end of the picture.

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