Friday, April 24, 2015

Week 93

April 21, 2015

It was an excellent week. Despite the many things we had to do, we were able to have quite a bit of progress in our area and met all the normas de excelencia. It's so much fun to be a missionary when you have great investigators to teach and you can tell that you're making an eternal difference in the lives of many of God's children. The highlight of the week was the two baptisms we had of Cindy and Jazmin, the two younger sisters of Janet, the 19 year old young woman we baptized 4 weeks ago. It's so easy to see when someone's truly converted because they naturally want to bring all their friends and family to a knowledge of the truth as well. Now we're teaching at least 15 members of their family in all, counting aunts, uncles, grandparents etc. 

One of my favorite images of this week was seeing Pablo, the young man we baptized last week, mopping up after the baptism that we had this week. He had just been confirmed earlier that day but was already serving of his own accord and was very happy to have the privilege. Another image I love is thinking of Pablo, Janet, Steven (another recent convert in our area), and Francisco, a returned missionary, all driving together to a young single adult fireside in the capital. After leaving just a bit after they left the baptismal service, they got back at 9:30. That's pretty awesome. 

Also, we just had a pretty intense experience with talking with some sisters who were being disobedient. As President Markham would say, we put on our big boys pants (literally, the last time we seriously corrected sisters despite being nervous about how it would turn out, President called me to thank us and told us that is what we had done. I love him. He's hilarious). The Spirit was super strong as we just waited and they came out with one confession. Then we'd wait for 5 minutes and then they'd come out with another. We were there for 2 hours in all. That's why I'm writing so late. Anyway, it was great to help them to be able to be free from the burden they had been carrying as they were able to repent, but as we did so we certainly were able to feel a bit of its weight. Pretty tiring as well. Good thing for our P-day we'll finally be going to the temple on Thursday. I wish we could do more of that.

Love you all and I'm grateful for all your prayers and support.

Elder Cannon

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