Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Week 94

April 28, 2015
Well, not a lot of time today to write. We've got changes tomorrow. My companion is leaving (obviously, since he's ending his mission). We'll see who my companion is. We went to the temple for our zone P day and it was incredible, as always. I feel like the temple is the second biggest part of my testimony (after the Book of Mormon of course. Nothing can beat the Book of Mormon). I went there looking for some very specific revelation and very pleased to receive the exact answer I was looking for. Being able to go to the temple is sufficient motivation in and of itself to stay worthy of doing so.

I had a very neat experience yesterday that helped me open my eyes a little bit more. Apparently, a group of LDS dentists from the United States came down to Guatemala this week to do dental work for future missionaries who wouldn't be able to afford it otherwise. Yesterday, a sizable group from our ward went to the capital to have their turn. Among them were many youth that I know very well, including Janet and Pablo, two recent converts we baptized in the last month or so. We were at Janet's house, teaching her family when she came back that night. I felt so grateful to the unknown members who sacrificed their time and money to come down to Guatemala to do this service. Janet came back incredibly excited, showing off the things they had given her (such as a very nice case for her Book of Mormon, or a white shirt and tie for the guys), as well as the two fillings she had gotten (which were white fillings! not the normal gold which is so noticeable). Her mom was especially moved as this is something they never could have imagined. It made me realize how much of an impact acts of service like that can have. After seeing it from the other side I feel much more motivated to do the same when I am able.

Speaking of all this, Pablo has already started filling out his mission papers, and, what's even more impressive, has already told his girlfriend that he'll be leaving in 11 months to serve a mission for two years. Pilas...

Love you all!

Elder Cannon

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